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Every business needs to have social media outlets. We personally like Facebook and Twitter. Many businesses don't have the time for it. They don't know what to do for it. They don't know how. Or they don't want to do it. But because it's a necessity as a source of advertising your business, we will do it FOR you!

If you have the pages set up, you can skip the set up fees and we can build on what you already have! If you have nothing in place, we can set it up for you and manage it!

This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Daily posts/statuses
  • Replying to followers
  • Creating Facebook cover photos
  • Creating personal memes
  • Building a fan-base

How you can help:

  • Share photos from your business (photos of YOU, your staff, items you're selling, photos of your business, etc.) You can send them to us, we'll work them in!
  • Keep us in the loop of everything in your business. Some of it can be used as informational posts!
  • Keep in contact with us! Especially at the beginning of our business relationship, we may email or text you with questions from followers. Who better will know the ins and outs than YOU?
  • Allow a budget to advertise on Facebook at least once a month. Advertising or boosting a post is only $5/day and you can control how many days the ad runs for! This increases your likes on Facebook, therefore increase your fan-base which means increasing how many people see YOUR business!

How you can SAVE:

Are you in need of social media but need to keep it on a tight budget? There's ways you can save with us!

  • We can post LESS. We typically post 2-4 times a day, every day. But to save money, we can post less frequently. Maybe once a day or maybe twice every other day.
  • The more YOU send us to post (photos, events, sale events, etc.), the less WE have to come up with off the top of the head! You email us all that, we schedule them in FOR you!
  • Just do Facebook. We like Twitter, but we've found Facebook is more effective. No Twitter means no set up fees for it, no charge for NOT posting on it!
  • YOU do all the setting up, so we don't have to! Saves on set up fees! You just need to send us all your log-in info!

Below are some of the pages we manage!

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