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No time to create marketing material for your company? No time to keep up with your business's social media pages? We've GOT this.

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You Know You’re a Social Media Addict When….

This is me on my birthday. This is why I’m in this business!

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Think Before You Speak…and That Goes for Social Media Too!

One thing I’m learning from being a social media guru is to be careful with what you post on your business pages. Be sure if you’re recycling information you found on the internet, that you verify it IS indeed true. What I do is, I Google it. Of course, not everything on the internet is […]

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Closed Doors = New Beginnings

Often, people see losing their jobs as tragic. I see it as a push to do something new with my life. That said, after losing my graphic designer job at a well known newspaper yesterday, I am putting my efforts into getting Social Ballyhoo bigger and better. I’ve been a social media specialist for two […]

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