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No time to create marketing material for your company? No time to keep up with your business's social media pages? We've GOT this.

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Design term of the day: PROOF. I chose this word because I DO use it…and sometimes I wonder if clients know what I’m talking about! Proof- A proof is simply a printed copy of what your materials will look like. Sometimes in the case of a printed proof, there are often white edges and hash marks […]

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To Like Or Not to Like

When you’re scrolling through Facebook or Twitter comments, do you ever find something relevant to you and think so highly of the post that you actually want to share or retweet your new finding?  But then you take one step back, then see that there was a misspelled word? I’m not sure about most of […]

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Choosing Your Domain

5 Tips for Choosing an Awesome Domain Name Keep it Short: Plenty of visitors will come across your website by typing your address directly into their browser bar. Less than 20 characters will maximize your type-in traffic. Be Simple but Obvious: Make sure your domain is easy to remember and spell. Be as straight-forward as you can. […]

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