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5 Tips For Using Google+

I’ve been OBSESSED with figuring out Google+. I’ve recently created my business Google+ page for Social Ballyhoo. And now I’m doing the research, because it IS different than Facebook. If you’re asking WHY you need to be on it, check out 5 reasons to initiate change and join Google+. As I’ve said, I’m obsessed with figuring […]

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5 Reasons to Jump on the Google+ Bandwagon

Everything I’ve been reading says Google+ is the place to be for businesses. I’m so tied to Facebook, that I had to research Google+ and as of this week, Social Ballyhoo is officially on Google+. It’s definitely different than Facebook but in ways that I’m beginning to think it’s BETTER for businesses. I’d like to […]

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Less Is More! Control Your Fonts!

  Let’s talk about design real quick. This is something I’ve run across many times when designing ads for a client. They want to use 203 fonts in one small ad. No joke. Okay, I slightly exaggerated. Consider this my tip of the day. Typically when designing an ad, you want to limit yourselves to […]

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