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New Twitter Header Dimensions

If you go to your Twitter profile, you’ll see that it’s got a pretty make-over! I personally like it! It’s got a header photo, it’s CLEAN…is it bad that it reminds me of Facebook??? Which leads me to this post. You’re going to want to insert a photo of some sort in that header spot. […]

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The Price of Being a Superhero – Then & Now

The comparisons of being a superhero back in the day and being a superhero now is uncanny! It’s so representative of non-superhero people! I especially like Batman…his gadgets will be his financial downfall (how realistic is that???)

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How to Get Direct Mail to Work for You

The digital era is definitely on the rise. Newspapers are slowly dying, and now people are wondering if direct mail is  dying along with it. Though newspapers and direct mail are becoming less frequent, that doesn’t mean they don’t have a place in our world of advertising. Here are some facts regarding direct mail: BizReport 2010 reported […]

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